PM2000 rebuild

Here are some journal entries from my current console rebuild project.

09/02/14- Making some progress on the PM2000 rebuild. Got them home and inspected them both. Serial number 3033 had the better chassis and backplane. I reflowed all the solder joints while I was there. Since I didn’t have the original psu cables, I decided to build a new power supply and swap out the old connectors for NL8s. That allowed me to test all 64 input and 14 output strips and locate the problems. I luckily have 32 channels in full working order. I’m removing all the knobs and scrubbing every strip clean then soaking the knobs and cleaning with a toothbrush till they appear new. 600+ capacitors have been ordered and the soldering fumes will soon commence.

09-10-14- Time to change the capacitors, about 850-900 before I’m done. I was bummed to find out every capacitor has been glued in place with something strong and resilient. Nothing a few dental picks can’t solve. Next I fabbed up a little circuit board to allow me to swap the main summing opamps in one of the program busses. The OPA604 should sound much better than the original HA1457. Next I moved a couple wires on the Input strip backplane connector. Had to make room for the tape return from the Midas card. Repurposed the 40Hz HP switch for that one. Lastly, I swapped the incandescent bulb in the “Ch On” switch to a soft white LED. Reduced current by 80% per LED. So far I’ve modded 2 Input strips and one Pgm/Mtx strip. Some testing tomorrow, then if the mods prove successful, I have 32 Input strips and 9 Pgm/Mtx strips, including spares.

09-14-14- I made the mistake of opening up one of the channel faders only to realize I now must clean and lubricate all of them also. A nice collection of dust, beverages, grease and whatever that blue stuff was. Even with the additional tasks I was able to get 8 input channel strips and 2 pgm/mtx strips refurbished. I have some very cool parts coming in next week. Time to break out the Dremel tool.
















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